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At STACCATO!, we provide an extensive and comprehensive curriculum that meet the progressive musical development of our students, teachers and parents.


Our Programs

Early Childhood Music Curriculum

Under the Early Childhood Music Curriculum, music and movement lessons are specially designed for young children 1-6 years of age in a group setting with their parents or caregivers.

We adopt a theme-based approach which helps children and adults relate different music pieces to various interests or topics. This approach brings across the relevance of classical music to our daily life. Examples of themes include Classical Composers, Animals, The Seasons, etc.

Keyboard and Piano Curriculum

Under the Keyboard and Piano Curriculum, adults and children 4 years and above undertake formal keyboard lessons on a group or individual basis depending on their needs and musicianship levels.


Workshops and Events

Workshops and special events are conducted by highly qualified and experienced local and overseas guest educators who are invited to speak on a wide range of topics relating to musicianship, early childhood music education, classical music appreciation etc.