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Age range: 4-6 years old | Semester: 12 weeks | Class length: 1 hour per week


At STACCATO!, we aim to grow with our students by providing a higher level of education in keyboard and piano where students can acquire not only the essential piano competence but are encouraged to bring out their creativity through improvisation, composition and performance. We offer both group keyboard and individual piano lessons.



This is a comprehensive 1-year keyboard course. Students will be introduced to different aspects of music including singing, theory, sight-reading, sight-singing, harmony, ear-training, technique, repertoires, composition, creative movement and improvisation. These skills are taught to enhance the understanding of music and the level of musicianship. Classes are taught in a fun and creative way which brings out the student's ability. There will be 2 recitals held in a year to showcase the student's compositions or performances.


Key benefits of this class include:

Develops an understanding of and competence in music
Provides an avenue of self-expression through music composition, improvisation and performance
Builds up self-confidence and self-esteem