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Age range: 1-2 years | Semester: 10 weeks | Class length: 45 minutes



Baby Mozart is an energetic class with loads of fun for the little ones involving dancing and movement, actions and improvisation. This program is designed to engage children through their inherent sense of curiosity and exploration. Children discover the joy of music while learning to express themselves through physical movements and developing a listening ear at an early stage. Parents and caregivers will also enjoy this class as they discover new and fun ways to interact with their children through music.


Key benefits of this class include:

Building self-esteem and advanced motor skills as children enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves through singing and movement
Encourages exploration and sense of curiosity through the use of musical instruments and other interesting props
Fosters social skills through learning to take turns, sharing and interaction with peers
Creates bonding with parents/caregivers who are encouraged to participate actively


Staccato! Music Curriculum