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Age range: 2-3 years old | Semester: 10 weeks | Class length: 45 minutes



Beethoven's Toddlers is a creative and exciting class designed to harness the toddlers' growing sense of independence and imagination. Children learn to perceive the emotions and moods of different music pieces and creatively express themselves through pretend-play, instrumentation and physical movements. This program intertwines musical experiences with children's understanding and knowledge of important early childhood concepts such as animals, numbers, colours, shapes etc. Through various games, story-telling and other fun activities, children are introduced to basic music theory in rhyming, tempo, singing, and, listening.


Key benefits of this class include:

Nurturing self-confidence, creativity and communication as children learn to express emotions that they perceive through music
Effective reinforcement of early childhood knowledge through music
Builds up music competence in a learning environment that challenges, excites and stimulates without pressurizing
Fosters social skills through learning to play as a team, sharing and interaction with peers


Staccato! Music Curriculum